Art Schools in California: Resources And Information for California Art Students

There are an abundance of art schools in California, as the entertainment industry in the state is undoubtedly the largest and most successful of any in the world.

Art Schools In CaliforniaChoosing from the top art schools in California is the first critical step in your career. Attending art school comes with more than an education in artistic skill and technique; it is a stimulating, enlightening experience which can not only challenge you on a personal level, it will motivate you to push your goals to new heights. Fortunately, there are many good art schools in California available to budding artists of all skill sets and aspirations.

Before deciding on which school is right for you, there are many key points to consider as you conduct your research.

Consider Your Personal And Professional Goals

When searching for good art schools in California, it is important to consider your personal and professional aspirations both as a student and a working artist. Obviously, if you have a distinct program of study in mind, your search becomes much easier, as not all California art schools offer the same curriculum.

Find Art Schools In California With Proper Accreditation

All of the best art schools in California possess proper educational accreditation. It is best to limit your search to schools that are fully licensed and accredited to award degrees.

Atmosphere And Demographics

Other points to consider are the school's atmosphere and student body demographics. As a student, you will spend much of your time on campus interacting and collaborating with classmates. It is important that you are comfortable in the school's setting, whether it be a major urban center or smaller city. Many good art schools in California are located in a variety of settings.

Tuition Cost And Financial Aid

Cost is one the most important facets of attending any type of secondary education. Attending college is a huge investment, and attending an art school is no exception.

Having access to financial aid is of utmost importance for most prospective students. Nearly all of the top California art schools have professional financial aid offices which can help with the cost of attendance.

Visit Prospective Art Schools In California Before Attending

There are many art schools in California to choose from, which makes it all the more important to conduct a thorough search on each school's strong points and how they accommodate your personal preferences and future goals.

There are several ways to get some firsthand information and experience on prospective schools. Of course, you should always visit a school's campus before making your decision. While there, try to arrange appointments with faculty in order to discuss detailed aspects of the school's curriculum and teaching policies.

Many art schools in California will allow prospective students to sit in on a live class, allowing you to observe what a typical day is like at that particular school. Even if the school does not have an official policy on this, instructors at many of the top art schools in California are happy to have guests in their classroom. Simply call or email a professor and request permission.

Finally, talk to students and get their opinions on the school. Ask them about campus life, course loads, and career prospects for graduates. Art schools in California are full of friendly and engaging students who will be more than happy to discuss their school with you.

Utilize Online and Offline Resources

There are many resources available online which provide information on the top art schools in California. An institution's own website can provide all the information you need on course work, program duration, and cost of attendance.

Many art schools in California have admissions officers with extensive knowledge on the school's policies and can answer questions you may have about their respective school. High school students have guidance counselors at their disposal, and these advisors can offer lots of advice on researching and choosing the best art schools in California.

A common practice of many good art schools in California is to list their faculty on the school's website. These entries typically contain the instructor's biography and curriculum vitae. Browsing instructors profiles can help give you an idea of which art schools in California to consider based on faculty whose expertise piques your interest.

Searching YouTube may uncover some schools official videos or recorded classroom sessions. This can be a great way to get a glimpse into an art school before you make your visit.

Among The Best Art Schools In California Are As Follows:

  • The Art Institutes
  • Brooks Institute
  • Academy of Art University
  • International Academy of Design and Technology

This list is by no means all-inclusive, and there are many more good art schools in California for you to consider. Whatever school you choose, prepare yourself for a challenging and intense course of study. Art schools in California will challenge you immensely as an artist and as a student. However, upon graduation, you will be ready to spread your wings and take your art to unimagined levels. 

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